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EABooster scans your website for EazyAzon links, catalogs them, and – the most important feature of all – checks Amazon to see if the product is available.* There’s no need to log into Amazon and verify a product, EABooster does that for you! The results of EABooster’s work is presented in a simple dashboard, ready for you to take action.


Use EABooster’s dashboard to discover where each Amazon product is mentioned on your site and quickly click to edit the relevant articles. EABooster will detect your changes and automatically update its catalog, re-checking Amazon’s availability of each item in that article. This simple step keeps you in sync as you go.


EABooster also proactively monitors product availability weekly, sending an email to the site admin if any products are unavailable. It’s not exactly set it and forget it, but it’s nice to know something is keeping an eye on things while you are taking care of business!


With all these features and more, EABooster amplifies your profits from EasyAzon.


Give your site a boost!


  • Ensure that EasyAzon, and optionally EasyAzon Pro, are installed and activated.
  • Upload the `EABooster` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly by uploading the zip file.
  • Activate the EABooster plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress.
  • Validate your license key in `EasyAzon > EABooster > Options`. This will be the only page available until your license has been validated.
  • Perform your first scan to build the database with all the EasyAzon links throughout your site.

Change Log



  • Post editor now contains a metabox listing details for all products found in current post.
  • Post editor displays a notice for unavailable products in current post.
  • Added a dashboard widget with summary of product details.
  • Can mark products to be skipped in the automatic availability checks.


  • Filters now show contextual counts instead of absolute.
  • EABooster submenu item now displays unavailable count.
  • Updated the process which automatically detects products during post saves to use background processing.
  • Fixed several database queries to return full set of results instead of a subset.


  • You can now double click a product row to expand/collapse the post info, in addition to clicking the left-hand arrow.
  • The Credentials tab has been renamed Options
  • The Notices section under the Debug tab has been moved into Options
  • Options for availability reports and emails have been added
    • Toggle checks
    • Frequency of checks
    • View report
    • Toggle email of report
    • Set specific/multiple emails

Admin Pages


The dashboard shows all Amazon products that EABooster has found on your website. Each row corresponds to one product and includes: the identifier, locale, title*, a link to the amazon product page*, a button to manually check the availability of the product, and a checkbox to ignore the product during automatic availability checks. (* if product has been found).

Expanded Info

You can expand a row by clicking on the left-hand arrow, or double clicking the row itself. This will then display a subtable of all posts featuring the corresponding product. Each row includes links to edit or view the post, the title of the post, and the number and type of EasyAzon shortcodes within that post featuring that product.

Check Availability

This button performs an immediate availability lookup of the corresponding product via the Amazon API. This can be useful if you want to check on the availability of a single product without performing a full scan. This is also the only way to update the availability information of products that have been set to ignored.


A yellow row indicates that the product is unavailable or there were issues with determining the product’s availability. In the latter case, you can hover over the ? symbol for further details.


Above the dashboard, you can set filters according to availability and locale. Each option also has a number showing how many products match that filter (out of all products in the database). Press ‘clear’ to reset your filters. You can also search for product name, identifier, locale, and even combine filters with search terms.


Background Processes

EABooster will often perform lengthy tasks in the background, so you can continue to work on your website. When this happens, a progress bar will appear at the top of the page, indicating the current task and completion rate. The progress bar is only updated every 20 seconds to prevent excessive queries between the front and backend of your site, and this is indicated on the progress bar as well. Once the background process is complete, the progress bar will disappear. But, you must refresh the page for the new information to be reflected in the table.

If you want to cancel the background process for any reason (it is taking longer than expected, an error has occured, etc), you can click on ‘Stop Background Processes’. It may take up to 30s for all background processes to stop and the progress bar to clear.


You can completely rebuild the database of EABooster information by clicking ‘Rebuild Database’. This will delete all product information from the database without affecting the rest of your website. Then background processes will parse the content of your posts for EasyAzon links and perform availability checks, similar to performing the first scan during a fresh installation of the plugin.


A full rebuild can be useful if new posts have been created or edited while EABooster was deactivated. If this happened, then the automatic functions would have been unable to parse those posts and keep up to date.

Debug Log

Many functions of EABooster can report their progress and activity by activating the Debug Log. This can be essential for the debugging process. You can view the ‘Full Activity Log’ or ‘Errors Only’. The log is set to truncate at 1000 lines, so as to not take up excessive space. The window displaying the log will always show the most recent activity first. You also have the ability to ‘Clear the Log’, which may be useful if you want to see the activity from a single function.


Availability Checks

EABooster runs a scheduled availability check on all products in its database to update their availability info and ensure your product links are still valid. This check is run in the background, so as to not interrupt any other work going on. If the check is currently active, you will see a progress bar at the top of the EABooster page.


In this section of the options menu, you can see when the next availability check is scheduled to run. You can change the frequency that checks are run: daily, weekly, monthly, or turn off this feature all together. You can also manually run a check in between scheduled checks.


The scheduled availability check produces a report including: total products found, unavailable count, status of locales, etc. You can see when the last report was generated and view the previous report.


On Jan 23, 2019, Amazon released an updated version of their terms and conditions for their Product Marketing API. Under the new terms, if an associate does not sell anything in a particular market (e.g. US, UK, CA, FR, IT, ES, etc) access to the Product Marketing API will be restricted. EABooster detects this situation and flags the market (locale) as being ‘closed’. (Read more here)


The reports described above, generated during a schedule availability check, can be emailed to site administrators. By default, reports will be sent to the site administrator as determined in your Wordpress site settings. You can specify a different or multiple addresses in the provided field.


This is the only section that shows if the product has not been validated. It will show the current status of the plugin (valid, invalid, expired, etc), when the license expires, and a field displaying the current license key or to input one if you have yet to do so. Finally, there is a button to activate or deactivate (in case you want to move your license from one site to another).

Post Editor

A metabox will be displayed below the post, showing the product information for all products found in the current post.


A notice will show up above the post editor if the post contains any products that are unavailable.


The following sections describe how EABooster works behind the scenes to help you manage your Amazon affiliate links.

Post Updates

When a post (or page) is created, saved, or updated, EABooster will automatically scan the new content for Amazon links and udpate the dashboard. This function is very similar to the initial scan / full rebuild, but for a single post rather than the entire website.

Scheduled Availability Checks

EABooster runs a scheduled availability check on all products in its database to update their availability info and ensure your Amazon links are still valid. Products that you have flagged to ignore are skipped over. The check involves updating individual product information (availability, titles, links, etc) as well as the status of your affiliate IDs in each locale. This check is run in the background, so as to not interrupt any other work going on. If the check is currently active, you will see a progress bar at the top of the EABooster page. 


In the Options section, you can toggle this function on or off, see when the next check is scheduled to run, change the frequency, and perform a manual check immediately.

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